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Welcome to the Dayton Fraternal Order of Police Captain John C. Post Lodge No 44 website. The site is intended to give you information about our FOP organization . . . information that you may or may not have known before now. There are a host of areas for both our membership and for interested visitors.  If you have any questions, please email a comment to the Lodge 44 Webmaster. 

For further information or if you would like to leave a message one of our FOP Lodge No 44 E-Board members, please click on the icon above or here:  Dayton Lodge Executive Board

The Meaning of the Emblem of the F.O.P.

Fraternal Order of Police Emblem The five-cornered Star is found in the F.O.P.'s National Emblem and it reminds us of the allegiance we owe to our Flag and our Country.

Midway between the points and center of the Star is a blue field, the recognized color of the police uniform and law enforcement service.  The points are gold, which indicate the position under which we are now serving.  The background is white, an unstained color  representing purity - that nothing of a corrupt nature will breach our Order. Blue, Gold, and White are the proud colors of the Fraternal Order of Police.

On the three, uppermost points of the star, on a background of blue, are the letters "F-O-P", the acronym for our organization, the "FRATERNAL ORDER of POLICE". In the blue field on the lower, left-hand Point of the Star is the open eye - the symbol for vigilance, the ever-watchful eye for danger - which characterizes law enforcement's protection of the public whether asleep or awake.  In the blue field on the lower right-hand Point of the Star is the handclasp - the symbol for friendship.

The circle surrounding the Star midway characterizes our never-tiring, never-ceasing efforts to promote the welfare and advancement of the Order, and within its bounds we are a unified great and powerful unit. In a half-circle over the centerpiece is our Motto, written in Latin, "Jus Fides Libertatum".  "Jus" stands for Justice; "Fides" means Friendship; and, "Libertatum" is Equality. In the center of the Star is the seal of Fort Pitt, Pennsylvania. This is where the very first efforts were put forth to establish the Fraternal Order of Police.

F.O.P. Lodge No 44 History

The Dayton Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police was adopted in a regular session of the State of Ohio Fraternal Order of Police.  Lodge 44's constitution and bylaws were then approved in an executive session at Columbus, Ohio, January 17th, 1939. The Dayton Lodge has been held in continuous good standing within the National Lodge for over 65 years and has proven itself to be a leader in the State of Ohio in law enforcement endeavors and at the forefront in the arena of collective bargaining.

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